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        Compuer compression spring machine_CNC spring machine _ camless spring machine-Dongguan Kaichuang precision spring Machinery Co. Ltd.
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        Quick grasp the maintenance knowledge of the daily CNC spring machine
        Published:2017.12.18 News Sources:kaichuang spring machinery Views:

          So far, CNC spring machine has gradually become the most widely used spring processing equipment in the process of spring processing. Every user wants his machine to run long and stable, which will bring maximum benefits to his own development. However, any machine, like people, has a certain life cycle. There are two main factors affecting the daily life of the spring machine, one is whether the operator's use is scientific or not, and the two is the reasonable daily maintenance.
          Generally speaking, the operation of the spring machine requires certain skill requirements. It is not a traditional switch operation, for example, the operator needs a period of skill training before the job. Whether the use of the operator is scientific and standard will directly affect the service life and operating performance of the spring machine. For different operators to use the same computer spring machine, the service life of the machine will be different. In general, professional and meticulous operators use the machine for longer service life, and vice versa.
          In the process of daily use of the spring machine, we must do a good job of daily maintenance and regular maintenance, otherwise it will accelerate the degree of aging and shorten the service life. The first is routine maintenance. Simply speaking, daily maintenance is more common, but it is almost everyday, and the content of work is relatively simple and simple. For example, cleaning, lubrication, inspection and rugged parts of CNC spring machine, especially before starting, working and closing, we should carefully inspect and clean up the machine. Next is regular maintenance. That is to say, the interval between daily maintenance of spring machine is longer, and it doesn't need to be carried out every day. When working hours or mileage required for maintenance, the work content is relatively complicated and tedious. For example: ① check and adjust the drive, inverter, servo motor, transmission mechanism, forming mechanism, pneumatic device, hydraulic system, pump system, lubrication system and electrical system work; ② detection and troubleshooting problems, but also to balance the degree of wear parts; ③ the various parts should be lubricated regularly clean and strong; ④ if the long-term use of spring machine, should be prepared to disable maintenance, such as good cleaning and anticorrosion etc..
          In short, the use of CNC spring machines is the same as that of our driving cars. Apart from the skill requirements, the maintenance of machines is very important. The saying goes: "seven points use three points maintenance." Therefore, the maintenance work of the daily spring machine can not only prolong the service life of the machine, but also ensure the operating performance of the machine.The content source to Kaichuang spring machine: http://www.sbcoders.com/en/, welcome to see, do not copy rights reserved!


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