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        Compuer compression spring machine_CNC spring machine _ camless spring machine-Dongguan Kaichuang precision spring Machinery Co. Ltd.
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        How to interpret the current price status of China's spring machinery industry?
        Published:2017.12.11 News Sources:kaichuang spring machinery Views:

          With the development of spring machinery industry in China, the competition consciousness among enterprises has reached the degree of incandescent, and the transparency of the price of the spring machine has become the inevitable trend. At the same time, the appearance of the imitation spring machine has disrupted the market order of the development of the spring machinery industry, which has led to a mixed situation. The Kaichuang spring machine of Li manager reminders that in order to save cost and reduce investment, most users will enjoy a temporary profit when buying spring machine, so they choose a cheaper spring machine equipment, which is not advisable. 
          For example, friends often say, "the price of a spring machine in your family is more expensive than that of the xx family, or the xx family is much cheaper than you," and so
        on. I can only say, "I can't give you the lowest price, but I can give you the best quality". Because of this situation, users don't understand the whole spring machinery industry, but also don't know the CNC spring machine that they need. A lot of enterprises or users in order to save time, often only on the network for some spring machine manufacturers, and then through the telephone, QQ or WeChat etc. for simple consultation, followed by the lowest price in the inquiry into the spring machine to weigh other
        manufacturers of equipment, this kind of inquiry and comparison is not scientific.
          For most of the manufacturers of spring manufacturers, the cost of machinery and equipment produced by different manufacturers is different, and the market price of final
        output is different. In other words, leading to differences between the price of spring machine not only can see the cost in equipment for the selection of the materials, processing technology, process control and technical support, but also reflected in the intangible costs of technology research and development, the innovation ability of the enterprise, marketing and customer service service etc.. For example, some small spring manufacturers take the imitation spring machine as the main product, in order to protect the profit space and reduce the cost as much as possible, only by price can we get the dominant advantage in the market. We can imagine that under the premise of the development of an enterprise, profits can only be reduced but not disappear. If you take the profit space that guarantees the survival of enterprises, who will ensure the quality and service of computer spring
          Therefore, driven by commercial interests, the market structure of China's spring machinery industry is rather chaotic. There are different sizes, uneven quality and
        different prices. The price is never the lowest, only lower; the world does not spend the least money, but can buy the best product. Therefore, we suggest that friends who only pay attention to the price of the spring machine should not blindly pursue the price advantage, otherwise, you will bring unnecessary trouble to you because of the cheap time. The content source to Kaichuang spring machine: http://www.sbcoders.com/en/, welcome to see, do not copy rights reserved!


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